Policy and privacy


The website Tramontina.com ensures safety and identity privacy to all internet users. Registered data such as name and address are protected by advance cryptographic systems when submitted and safely stored in Tramontina.com servers.

The Tramontina.com website has adopted the legally required levels of safety regarding data protection, having installed all means and technical measures within its reach to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access, or wrongful subtraction of personal data collected. Notwithstanding, the user must be aware that internet safety measures are not completely fail-proof.

The Tramontina.com website reserves the right to modify the policy hereunder to adapt it to changes in legislation, jurisprudence, or in relation to commercial practice. In any case, Tramontina will advertise the modifications on this website, on this page, with reasonable notice before they come into effect.

Users may exercise their rights to access, cancel, or rectify, as well as obtain information by contacting Tramontina directly by email at [email protected].

Data gathering

When customers sign up, they voluntarily agree that they wish to provide their personal data required for contracting, updating, or canceling certain services offered on, or through the website, such as: contact with customer service and others.

Personal data collected by Tramontina.com will be automatically incorporated to the corresponding electronic personal data records, which Tramontina.com owns and is responsible for. Data obtained and used by Tramontina.com and partners hired by Tramontina.com for the services provided via the website are covered under this policy.

Use of information

Personal data supplied by customers is used with the basic purpose to identify the users, their profile, and purchasing habits, for management, service, expansion, and improvements to offered products and services; it is also used to tailor services to users' preferences and taste, to create new products and services, and to send operational and commercial information regarding products and services via traditional and/or electronic means.

Tramontina.com commits to:

  • - Promptly correct any changes regarding users' personal data. The user must inform all changes to the respective data on Tramontina.com;
  • - Under no circumstance, make email addresses public without being authorized to do so by the users who signed up for pages which require personal data such as webchat, forums, emails, and any other existing pages or those yet to be created;
  • - Make it possible for the internet user to opt out of receiving information via email at any time;
  • - Not sell or disclose its customers' data for any purposes other than Tramontina.com actions, be it via contact with our customer relations area, loyalty program, or information about products and special deals.

Tramontina.com adopts as its policy the commitment to not disclose information about accesses realized by its users, unless it is compulsory to do so under a court order or in strict compliance with legal requirements. Similarly, Tramontina.com keeps its users' personal registration data confidential, only disclosing it to third parties when there is no legal impediment or under a court order, or even, upon data owners' authorization.

Tramontina.com may occasionally place data files known as 'cookies' in the users' computers. These files do not take up memory space but they allow each visualized page on the website to be targeted to you, which makes your browsing more interesting and faster. However, disabling the installation of these files on your browser is possible if you prefer, even if you continue to use the services offered by the website.

Products information

Tramontina.com is not a channel to sell products. It only recommends physical and virtual stores that sell Tramontina products so customers can choose where to buy. Nevertheless, Tramontina is not liable for the delivery and service provided during the purchasing process at Points of Sale and Online Stores.

E-mail marketing

Our email marketing practice complies with the standards established by the Code of Self-regulation for email marketing practices, which defines, under Chapter I, Art. 1, the use of email as a marketing tool in an ethical, pertinent, and responsible manner, without prejudice to the concurrent application of applicable legislation in force.